Posted by: Kaspar | October 5, 2008

What’s new and what’s still to come…

What’s new

(November 10th) link on Welcome page to 650 word manifesto for the election of Deputy of St. Mary.

(November 2nd) New welcome page for the deputy elections, new opening section in About me page, new section on “failure to look ahead” in Mistakes page

(October 31st) my statement to the inquiry into the Esplanade Quarter (600,000 square feet of offices on the waterfront) Public inquiry is here. It is from memory of what I said, I spoke from notes.

(October 31st) new data shows that peak oil is here and the age of cheap oil is truly over, see here 11th paragraph from top. Data came out just after I spoke to the Public Inquiry (see above) and precisely bears out the warnings which I gave about Peak Oil

New links with step by step explanation of how peak oil was the start of the credit crunch. And looking into the future – how badly we need a new approach! See here 4th paragraph

“The tide is turning” new page of beautiful beach action all around the island. See here.

Links to other green candidates’ (Jersey2020) websites and other key sites – see BLOGROLL (under PAGES on right hand side)

Fresh links on economic slowdown page (under global challenges page) which explain step by step what has gone wrong in the global financial system

Replies to all comments posted on the site

Lots of new links added, especially on climate change, peak oil, the financial crisis (see pages on CHALLENGES) , on the ABOUT ME page (links to media pages, TV and radio manifestos), etc. , waste reduction (see ENVIRONMENT page).



New material on DEMOCRACY

Still to come

Detail on countryside, agriculture, finance, tourism

Details on politics and morality



  1. Is Daniel standing for Deputy?

  2. It is a pleasure to see you around now as a Deputy. With the state the world is in we will be looking more and more for green alternatives, sound policies and a viable way forward.

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