BIG Mistakes

Bad decisions and bad policies

The population is being deliberately allowed to increase against the wishes of most residents, we have the resultant re-zoning of green field sites all over for housing, and we have inflation in the housing market out of control. We have a vast new incinerator being approved which will put us at the bottom of the league for waste management. In the face of Peak Oil and the ever rising price of fossil fuels it brings in its wake there is no sign of the radical new 21st Century transport policy which we need. There is no sign either of any attempt to grapple with the impact on those with low incomes of permanent price inflation due to the rising cost of oil. Spin was used in Imagine Jersey and Imagine Jersey 2035, it takes ages to put in place simple measures to protect people such as a scheme to protect tenants’ deposits, and the record of the States in showing foresight is not good.

For all these reasons public trust is low. It is a sad story, and you deserve something much much better!

I spoke at the Public Inquiry into the proposed Harcourt “Esplanade Quarter” – which plans to put 600,000 square feet of new offices on the waterfront. The plan is neither desirable nor feasible. I have tried to reconstruct what I said here, I spoke from notes)

Bad decisions and bad policies continued!



  1. This site is brilliant, but could you put more on the incinerator, and what you would put in its place, and why. I am getting so many mixed information from the pro- and anti- lobbies that I am seriously suffering from confusion overload!

  2. “Bottom of the league” – I say. I have now added a link to the Environment page, from the waste audit sentence, to an article which gives and idea of the thinking behind real waste reduction.

    Now, on the incinerator

    First, the idea that the existing incinerator may suddenly die on us is a scare tactic. There are 3 chimneys, one (the biggest) more recent than the 2 old ones, which are indeed past it, and this most recent one one has recently been rejigged. The reception bunker has just had serious work done on it. And anyway presumably TTS do have contingency plans???

    Second, the “do not delay” mantra is even odder than that, as the proposed alternatives to the mega bonfire-in-a-bunker would actually be quicker to install and get up and running.

    As Nick Palmer has said: “If TTS were truly worried about breakdowns before a replacement was ready, they would choose technology such as pyrolysis or plasma gasification which could be in place far earlier, would be much smaller, much more flexible, more future proof, half the cost and far better for any sustainable waste/resources strategy”

  3. CONGRATULATIONS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HURRAH

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