mini manifesto

Dear elector,

I believe the present crew are incapable of meeting the challenges we face, States decision-making is poor, and we need a new direction in politics where quality of life comes first. My key policies are:

Population and Environment

decide on a population ceiling and stick to it.
better public transport , Safe Routes to Schools
scrap incinerator and “reduce, re-use, recycle”
insulation of all buildings

Quality of life

Measure quality of life for all residents and not economic growth as the goal of island policies.

Social Policy and Public Expenditure

build a fair society because it is right
ensure adequate income for all.
equal opportunities, from pre-school care to care for the elderly
support the public sector. Move the debate from “cut cut” to something more rational

Democracy and Community

re-establish trust, now sadly broken
overhaul our election system
strengthen our communities
defend local businesses, tourism, agriculture

Economy, Fiscal and Global

fair transparent and environmentally targeted taxes
adapt our economy to the threats we face, diversify
live in a way that restores the planet and promotes the welfare of all

about me

I have the drive, determination, intelligence and ability to progress these policies. When I set my mind to do something, it happens.

I can provide honest leadership, building up trust with you, to achieve these policies. I have run a small business, Jersey Cycletours, which has given enormous pleasure to great numbers of people. I was a “good boss” and I took the right decisions at the right time.

I set up Rural Enterprises from scratch, a Jersey Mencap project providing real work and training for people with learning difficulties. Within a year we had a reputation for our top quality produce.

Leading the Jersey Cycling Group, I was instrumental in raising the profile of cycling in the island and setting up the Jersey Cycling Network, and as chairman of Christian Aid I was running an organisation with 600 volunteers and launched the Jersey Fairtrade Group.

My core values are democracy, social justice, and environmental responsibility. These are just what is needed in the States right now.

Please vote for me, I will not let you down.


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