Outlook on St. Mary

Outlook on St. Mary

Thank-you to all those who completed our questionnaire.

We have finished collating all of the information, and if you would like an Excel spreadsheet that summarises all of your answers please let us know. We have added these ideas and concerns to the views we encounter as we go from door to door, many of which come up time and time again.

The following list outlines all of them, and will be added to as the campaign progresses. Feel free to add new ones to the list using the comment form below. These views are not necessarily taken by all residents.

Repeated concerns

•    The need for an integrated transport policy in the parish of St Mary
•    The need for a more frequent and more convenient bus service, including safe night busses and early commuting services
• The need for bus shelters
•    The need to review current traffic flow, in particular along Rue des Buttes and La Cheve Rue. That people are driving through these areas too fast, that there is little provision for the safety of pedestrians or children and too little effective policing of the speed limits
• The lack of street lighting in built-up areas
•    Go-karting at Crabbe
•    More community events and facilities in the parish

Additional concerns

The island-wide reduction in public bridle paths and off road horsing facilities
Nowhere for young people to “chill out” and be young
The potential loss of the St. Mary’s battle of flowers float
A lack of good playgrounds for young children
Superfluous signage placed along the roadside
That local poeple do not know the formal complaints procedures, or do not feel that their views are easy to get across to the politicians.
Elderly people should be assisted to stay in the parish
Better support for carers
Guaranteeing our mains water quality through external inspection
Reviewing different solutions for sewage
Leaves on the roads

Positive feedback – The plus points
The beauty, the calm and the friendliness of our parish
The parish community centre
The parish magazine
The local primary school

Other interests
Affordable allotments in St Mary
A weekly local market
The provision of an e-exchange service

Daniel’s response to some of these issues will be added in the election leaflet, and no doubt raised at the parish hustings.

All three of the opening speeches from the St Mary hustings are now available online.

A spreadsheet summary of the first batch of responses: daniel-wimberley-st.mary-survey1

In the meantime here is an election Manifesto for the upcoming deputy elections, prepared for the JEP’s supplement:

Dear St. Mary’s elector,

I am standing in order to represent all sections of St. Mary society, to work alongside the Constable on parish issues, and pursue the best policies on your behalf in the States.

A question of character

Do I have the qualities needed to represent you properly? Do I get things done, or is it just hot air? Do I really listen? Do I understand the issues facing Jersey and have the wisdom to decide for the best, for everyone?

I have been active in public life in Jersey for years. Behind the scenes I have lobbied on fiscal policy, on energy policy, transport policy, consultation methods, island plans. Much of this material is available on my website: https://votedaniel.wordpress.com

I set up Rural Enterprises from scratch, a Jersey Mencap project providing real work and training for people with learning difficulties.

Leading the Jersey Cycling Group, I was instrumental in raising the profile of cycling in the island and setting up the Jersey Cycling Network.

As chairman of Christian Aid I was running an organisation with 600 volunteers and launched the Jersey Fairtrade Group.

These commitments show my values of environmental responsibility, social justice and public service. I think you can see that I would bring to the role of your Deputy tenacity, intelligence and compassion. My style is consultative and friendly as workers at Jersey Cycletours will tell you.

Policies for St. Mary

I am writing this before seeing responses to my questionnaire on parish issues. But already on the doorstep many issues have been raised. Elderly people should be assisted to stay in the parish, if they wish. Bringing the entire parish together – perhaps one big event.  A proper bus service. Better support for carers – could this be provided from within the parish? Guaranteeing our mains water quality through external inspection. Review different solutions for sewage.

In addition, I would press for a parish waste rebate:  the States giving the parish money back for any reduction in the waste sent for processing. I would investigate the provision of parish allotments. And of course many island policies have a direct impact on life in the Parish.

Policies for the island

The world is changing. You need States members who are aware of the real problems we face and who will work with you honestly and openly to create new solutions. As a community the Parish will have to pull together in the face of inevitable price rises in fuel and everything else, including food (see my website, under global challenges).

We need to look again at every aspect of our economy and “how we do things” in the light of climate change. We should indeed pass on a world fit to live in to our children. The policies of “more and more” being pursued by our present States are no longer appropriate. We have to adopt policies for “quality of life”:

Population and Environment
•    decide on a population ceiling and stick to it.
•    better public transport , Safe Routes to Schools
•    scrap incinerator and “reduce, re-use, recycle”
•    insulation of all buildings

Social Policy and Public Expenditure
•    build a fair society because it is right
•    ensure adequate income for all.
•    equal opportunities: public amenities and services for us all, from pre-school to care for the elderly
•    support the public sector. Move the debate from “cut cut” to something more rational

Democracy and Community
•    re-establish trust, now sadly broken
•    overhaul our election system
•    strengthen our communities
•    defend local businesses, tourism, agriculture

Economy, Fiscal and Global
•    fair transparent and environmentally targeted taxes
•    adapt our economy to the threats we face, diversify
•    live in a way that restores the planet and promotes the welfare of all

I hope you will vote for me as your Deputy on November 26th.

Daniel Wimberley
Tel. 485455



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  2. Hi Daniel
    Any chance of a children’s play park in the parish. It would help bring parents and toddlers together in the community. I find it very limited for young families at the moment. Perhaps next to the tennis courts, the nursery could then make use of it aswell? What are your thoughts?

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