This page will be extended with more on Tourism, Agriculture, the Finance Industry

Adapt our economic life to the well-documented threat of global warming, and the fact of peak oil.

Explore new business models for doing this, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, consumers, citizens and Parishes, ensure workers’ rights and create the right environment for local business to flourish. Diversify the economy in the direction of self-reliance and community mutual support. Adapt our tourism industry, our Finance Industry and our agriculture to the new paradigm.

In the long term (say 10 years) it is difficult to predict where the formal economy will be (see here for a salutary tale) as economic downturn continues and may even turn into global economic collapse, so we should build up a parallel informal economy which does not depend on oil, which does not depend on external demand, and which satisfies our own needs. Note that research shows that most work takes place in the informal economy already – childcare, looking after the home, beach cleaning, tree planting, volunteering of all kinds . . . so this is nothing new and nothing to be afraid of.

For my views on the economy overall, especially the three primary issues of risk, sustainability, and economic growth, see here

For a brilliant animation on how our present economic system is unsustainable and the way we live now, and why we must change, see here. Be warned, you may find the American accent trying, but it is brilliant, so keep on looking!

For a thorough and clear demolition of the “economic growth” myth with many many graphs showing different aspects of our destruction of our planet – ’tis enough to make you weep – see the New Scientist for October 16th here.


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