We should decide on a population ceiling and stick to it. We cannot go on and on building.

I just sigh with despair as I drive past Millbrook Park and think of it covered with houses. But that is where children play football! That is where the Battle of Flowers floats park up on Thursday night… Yes, and that is where a recent planning application proposes to put zzz houses. (I think it was 14 houses, must have been luxury ones. Send in the correct figure if you know it)  And no doubt you can think of a similar situation in your parish – unless you live in St Helier, where what is needed is green space & trees & a better environment.

We will need an island-wide debate to achieve this, listening to each other and aiming for as general agreement as possible. The goal has to be a population which will allow “quality of life for all” (rather than “increasing prosperity”) and the discussion has to confront the realities of peak oil and climate change.

The way this debate is carried out is of the utmost importance. Trust which has been lost needs to be rebuilt. The debate has to be conducted fairly and honestly and without spin.

It is important to keep the real issue in mind. Talk of migration in and migration out is often used to confuse the issue, but it is just part of the discussion. It is not the point. The question is: what end-population do we think is right?

Spin has been the order of the day, sadly. I wrote to all the States members, dissecting exactly how this spin was carried out. It is a tough read, as it is exact, and it spells out “how the deed was done – disgraceful! See imagine-jersey-2035-letter-to-states-members On page 2 you will see how importabnt it is to understand the different types of migration, and why the focus must be on the end-population


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