Public expenditure


Green policies reduce spending. They conserve resources instead of burning them or throwing them away. Greens are the true anti-waste candidates. Remember this when one of the establishment is banging on about wasting public money.

Investing in a tip-top bus service, insulating every building and not turning resources into rubbish to be burnt will generate massive savings.

Senators such as Vibert, Routier, Ozouf, Ferguson and Maclean all voted for the £106m incinerator, because they could not believe that you can and will reduce, re-use, and recycle.

On the other hand I believe in public services and amenities. It costs money but benefits us all, and remains the best way to tackle poverty and exclusion. I deplore the niggling cut cut campaign waged by some States members.

No feather-bedding and proper accountability go without saying, but should not be used as a covert route to a mean-minded agenda of cuts which destroy our community, our solidarity and our pride.

We need to review how these amenities can be provided in a time of global economic slowdown which will affect Jersey.

For more detailed discussion of these issues click here

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