Social policy

NOTE There will be more on education, and the elderly soon


For Elderly now see page on “The Ageing Population”


Social policies in more detail


Review income support scheme to ensure adquate incomes for all

The Scrutiny Panel report and anecdotal evidence shows that this scheme does not do the job. And why was the work done by Loughborough University Centre for Research into Social Policy to establish what would be an adequate income in Jersey left to one side when setting the rates?


Access to parenting support

There is no better investment in the future of the island than helping and supporting parents in the task of child-rearing, which is not easy in the modern world.


Fair universal pre-school provision

Research seems to show that this investment pays for itself many times over in better outcomes later on.


Support for the education and youth services

Including the summer youth activity programmes


Proper provision for the elderly


Decent affordable housing for all

I believe in the principle of decent affordable housing for all and will fight for it. A useful test is – would the States members voting for a particular plan or situation be prepared to live there themselves or put up with it themselves? For a range of policies on housiong see here.


Ensure equal opportunities in particular for disabled people (1 in 12 of our island population are disabled)


Support for publicly provided services and amenities

These services and amenities benefit everyone and help to ensure equal opportunity. They play a vital role in ironing out inequality in our society.



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