Why I am standing

Quality of life
I am standing because I believe that we should aim for a future with different and better values than the ones which are at the heart of present States policies. We need to build on the best of the past whilst being creative and intelligent about the future. The States and the people of Jersey can get there by working together without illusions or spin.

We can achieve quality of life for all. We can achieve a way of living that truly cares for the planet and is socially just. Why on earth would we not want to do this? And yet present policies cannot deliver these better values or this better future.

The challenges we face
I am standing because the island faces unprecedented challenges and I believe that the present crew of the good ship “Jersey” are incapable of meeting these challenges. My core beliefs of environmental responsibility, social justice and community are exactly what are needed in the States at this time.

Making better decisions
I am standing because so often I see the States making the wrong decisions. I cannot bear to see it any more than you can. I want to defend the island and defend the real interests of islanders and I know that if I were in the States I could influence those decisions for the better, especially if other like-minded candidates were elected too.

We need a new politics
I assure you I am not in this for love of power. Quite the reverse. We are no longer in a situation where the model of leaders and led makes any sense – a completely new politics is required to meet a completely new situation. We have reached a true turning point and I just had to stand.

For more on wrong decisions of the States and bad policies, click here.
For more on my key policies click here.
For a brilliant animation on the way we live now, and why we must change, see here. Be warned, you may find the American accent trying, but it is brilliant, so keep on looking!

Hope that is real



  1. You’ve got my vote Daniel. I’ll pass the website address on as well.

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