Deputy Elections

Audrey Gem, Linda Burton, Charlotte Gem, Anna Wimberley, Heather Carter, Viola de Mowbray, Jeannine Godefroy, Gary Godefroy, Anthony Vautier, Christopher Aubin.

Senatorial Elections

  • Maurice Lakeman
  • Mike Stentiford
  • Robert Vincent
  • Maria Colino
  • Laura Wakeham
  • David Warr
  • Judith Queree
  • Robert Tilling
  • Anna Wimberley
  • Nicholas Palmer

Senatorial Nomination

Proposer Maurice Lakeman said that he was nominating Daniel Wimberley for Senator with the confidence that he had the right attitude for such an important role. He said that Mr Wimberley had integrity, always spoke the truth and was a man who offered long-term solutions. He said that he was intelligent and that he took an in-depth approach to find resolutions to problems after first exploring all of the evidence. He said that Mr Wimberley had imagination and would bring prophetic sensibility to the position if elected, as well as the ability to identify the cause of problems, and then eradicate them. He added that Mr Wimberley had done much for the Island, including setting up Jersey Cycle Tours, which had helped thousands of tourists enjoy Jersey, and the creation of Acorn Enterprises, an initiative that helped those with learning difficulties. He was also chairman of Christian Aid.

[ Source : This Is Jersey ]


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