Greetings, and thanks for dropping by.

I am creating a brand new website for this year’s elections. Well-researched and punchy, as you would expect. It will feature everything from the voting patterns of sitting members to who tells the most lies and why. I will go into the big issues, and reveal the spin which goes into avoiding an honest debate, on certain key issues, with the voters. As well as the truth about the Euro fiasco, the suspension of Graham Power, and the “”Jersey States spending is out-of-control” myth

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First of all I would like to wish you all a lovely winter break and a good start to the New Year.

I finally feel like I’m finding my feet in the chamber and starting to enjoy the serious challenge of political life. A new website will be set up in the New Year to include all of my voting decisions, provide access to important research, pinpoint key parish issues, and generate continued debate on a range of policy issues.

Till then, Daniel


THANK YOU ST MARY! I look forward to working with you all in the near future. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas, concerns and questions. It has been a pleasure meeting so many of you over the past few weeks.



NEW: A full recording of the St. Mary’s hustings, I hope it helps you make up your mind who to vote for…

Candidate speeches (Order: David Johnson, Daniel Wimberley, David Richardson)

Questions and answers


Welcome to my election website and thank you for visiting.

Welcome especially to residents of St. Mary, who have to elect a new deputy on November 26th.

This website will be added to throughout the election campaign, and welcomes your comments and feedback.

My 650 word manifesto for the election for Deputy of St. Mary, as sent to the JEP for publication on November 20th, can be found here.

Early results from the questionnaire and from our canvassing are here.

Why vote for Daniel Wimberley on November 26th?

Three reasons: First, I believe that I will represent St. Mary and protect your interests in a fair-minded and effective way. Second, I want to be elected to the States to promote the policies which this island so badly needs. And third, to put right the poor record of the States when it come to making decisions.

Representing St. Mary and protecting your interests

To do this you need a deputy who is competent, effective and compassionate.
And one who listens to you . . .

Someone who cares about you and will stir himself to get things done on your behalf. Someone who understands the issues well enough to arrive at the right solutions. Well it sounds good but is there anything to back it up? Please go to the About me page of this website for some evidence. And to the St. Mary page for your feedback to me via the questionnaire and on the doorstep.

who listens to you . . .

The first thing I have done in this election campaign is to circulate a questionnaire to all residents of St. Mary asking for your views on the issues affecting you.

I hope many of you will respond (STOP PRESS 43 so far) , and I will share the results with you (see here), and also reflect on what you say and how it relates to my existing policies.

It does not stop with one questionnaire. It is of course the duty of any deputy worthy of the name to work for you and to keep in touch. The States and the people are dangerously far apart. I want to see a new era of mutual trust (which has to be earned), respect and cooperation between government and people.

Here are some ways of doing this:

  • Circulate a regular newsletter to all households
  • Give regular feedback at Parish meetings
  • Conduct surgeries at the Parish Hall
  • Establish a small group of randomly-selected parishioners to act as a sounding-board.

I promise to look into these, and any methods which other deputies use or have used, to choose what is best to keep in touch with you.

Promoting the policies which this island so badly needs

  1. We need to be fair in our dealings with each other and treat people with respect.
  2. We should treat our environment fairly too. It’s our life support system, it needs our care and respect at all times.
  3. We need real democracy in this island

For more on these and other policy areas see Key policies

Getting better performance from the States

After a few hours canvassing I can say that I found sadness about the way that the States are falling down in their duty to us. The failure to control population means that houses are steadily encroaching on to the countryside. The income support system is deeply flawed and does not treat people with dignity and respect and does not guarantee an adequate income. And there is always the perception that “they” are not really listening, that they are out of touch.

I am standing because the States needs to serve you better than they are now. Too often they take the easy way out, too often there is a failure to look ahead to spot trends which will affect the lives of islanders and take effective and timely action, and too often they just make the wrong decision. See here for the full sorry story.

You have the right to expect something better and I believe I have the intelligence, commitment and foresight to improve this situation.

A note on this site

This site was built during the senatorial elections so it explains things from that point of view. But it applies just as well to the election for Deputy as well – my policies, who I am and what I stand for remain the same.

I will continue to add new sections like this new introduction and a revised and expanded description of myself. And the comments made during the senatorials, why remove them? They are useful, see especially the discussion on how we should treat the elderly see here (comments are at the end)

In conclusion

I hope that what you read here inspires you to vote for me. Please contact me to ask questions, make comments or offer support – encouragement is always very welcome!

Daniel Wimberley


Contacting me

email: jerseycycletours@hotmail.com
tel: 485455
or use the comment facility at the foot of any page


  1. good for you daniel, you have my vote.

  2. What will you do about the amount of people on Island eating meat?
    Meat eating should be banned by law.

  3. Would you arrange another meeting for the 16+ age group, they claim info on the first meeting at Hautlieu was not made widely available .

  4. Yes, if I knew how many were saying this. Not really willing to arrange a meeting with say the greens and 22 people turn up!!! And what would be a good time?


  5. I was gutted that you did not get in as senator…please do not give up…jersey needs leaders like you and Nick Palmer.
    Don’t be disheartened…run for Deputy…I’ll vote for you again! xxx

  6. Daniel,
    Where is your page on peak oil and transition culture? I am finding a core of people seriously interested in transition town/ the real Jersey 2035 concept. If any of your supporters are likewise keen, I would like to know.

  7. Daniel, are you serious in a) wanting to bring a progressive tax into the island and b) scrapping the GST. One of the reasons why Jersey has one of the highest GDP’s in the world is because of our low tax bands. People and companies mainly from the finance industry will not come to our island if this was not the case. Given the fact that the finance industry contributes to 60% of our GDP directly it would be irresponsible to introduce such a policy. Secondly with regards to the GST, there is no better alternative to fill in the black hole by the reduction in corporate tax. It is un popular and regressive I know, however, we should be looking at ways to help the poor rather than to get rid of an essential tax.

    With regards to diversifying our economy, you want to boost tourism which means that more people will fly and given that this is one of the heaviest polluters surely you are adding to global warming. Therefore if you tax the airlines then they will put taxes and up and therefore less people will come. It just does not add up.

  8. Dear Thomas,
    Daniel’s son here.

    My dad’s flat out at the weekend canvassing but he’ll get back to you on Monday to answer the questions you posted on the website.

    Thanks for your comment and best wishes, maybe we’ll meet at the parish hustings.

  9. Hello again Thomas… I’m afraid our email to the address you gave us bounced back. We would have loved to answer your questions! Feel free to give us a ring, or join us at Bethlehem Chapel on Saturday between 3pm and 5pm for our ‘meet the candidate’ event.

  10. Dear Kaspar, sorry about the wrong email address. I was at the hustings this evening and I thought that your father put in a solid and passionate performance. However, as much as I care about the environment I also have a job in the finance industry. In addition to, I have studied Economics at Oxford and assessing your policies in depth I would see them as a terrible route for the island to take. I appreciate the ethos behind areas such as fairness, however, I am a strong believer in economic growth as this is what in essence keeps unemployment down. My next question would be how you could reason the fiscal and economic policies so as to protect the finance industry which contributes to 60% of our GDP as well as promoting economic growth. As an economist I am worried about your plans to say the least.

  11. Thanks Thomas, glad you came to the hustings and glad that we have a debate here on our hands. I think you two should have a chat with each other! Our number is 482898

    A few shorties from my own personal point of view… because as a human being, I am worried at the way our world is being managed.

    1) Caring for the environment HAS to inform all decisions. Otherwise the costs of trying to save our planet and the repurcussions of waiting too long will spiral out of control. This is very real.

    2) Re Economic Growth – Economic growth has to slow down, otherwise we will only fall from further up the ladder, as non-existant money continues to form the foundations of our now-strained economies. There are plenty of leading economists who also understand this. (PS Green politics generates more growth at present than most other industries, in every meaning of the word)

    3) The finance Industry. What should we currently base our society on (or prop our island up with, or use to generate what you call economic growth, etc)? A finance industry currently in a precarious state, or community values and social justice? Shall we make the same mistakes again or choose a new form of democracy and ‘growth’. What will put us in better position for the future? (what will improve our quality of life?) The jobs that are currently being supported by his industry are NOT sustainable. We need to diversify to improve our stability.

    4) And regarding your initial question about GST and taxation… You have read Daniel’s proposed methods about how you would fill the ‘hole’ if GST would be removed. How can you, with a clean conscious and the wellfare of everybody in St Mary, Jersey and beyond in mind, disagree with the proposed progressive taxation methods, in favour of the existing regressive system?

    I agree that these are big and moral issues and I’m glad that you are letting us know how you feel. Hope you get the chance to talk to Daniel soon.

    And who do you honestly believe, out of the three candidates standing for eletion, will try their utmost to represent all members of the parish, and truly work to make real improvements (infrastructures, democratic processes and communities) to the parish of St Mary?

  12. and does… “appreciate the ethos behind areas such as fairness, however, I am a strong believer in economic growth…” imply that the two do not always sit comfortably with one anoher?

  13. Sorry your not on my patch Daniel, but hope St Mary’s vote goes to you on election day for all our sakes. Who better than you and N. Palmer as States members who will be able to re- organise the reconstuction of this Island quickly if need be. Should Tax havens or what ever F. Walker chooses to call it are closed down, and Obama could do it, thats us Jersey going belly up. Finance is gone like a shot. Economically we’re living in shaky times. Having been to two of your meetings on Fair Trade, I was impressed with your forward thinking and leadership qualities. Thumbs up you make it Daniel. Good luck.

  14. Hi,

    Ref our chat at the Parish Hall today on good herb books; here are three:-

    Herbs by Roger Phillips and Nicky Foy;
    All Good Things Around Us by Pamela Michael;
    Nature’s Wild Harvest by Eric Soothill and Michael Thomas.

    Good luck with the vote!


  15. just heard election results. well done!!!!!!!

  16. Many congratulations Daniel I am confident that you will continue to use your many God given gifts wisely – now you can do so with the backing and authority of an election.

    God bless you as you undertake this important work for our community – continue to give the great witness for the poor and oppressed and for God’s creation that you have always done!

    Iain MacFirbhisigh

  17. Well done Daniel! A great result for you and the parish.

  18. Congratulations on winning.

  19. Congratulations Daniel. I look forward to seeing you take your seat in the States Chamber!

  20. Well done Daniel . Great result .
    Your hard work over the years has paid off .
    Great website by the way .
    Keep on pedaling

  21. saw the article in the paper on Tuesday and am very intrigued by your proposal to recycle materials as that is exactly what a group of teachers would like to set up somewhere, somehow. It happens in the wonderful community spirited region of Emilia Reggio in northern Italy and we would love to emulate their practice, getting everyone involved. We have contacted Emma Richardson at Recycle jersey and she is keen in principle but says the cost may be prohibitive. Did you have any ideas for the practicalities of such an arrangement?

  22. Dear Mr. Wimberly,

    I think that your heart is in right place and that some of your controversial proposals are very interesting, although, I feel that your hopes may be dashed as you are going against the grain.

    Where Jersey’s economy is concerned, until Jersey loses its status as a TAX Haven, I believe you will be opposed when attempting to achieve your objectives.

    Jersey’s population relies on the Finance and supporting industry for employment. If the Finance Industry leaves, so will all the jobs, leaving a population with out a source of income.

    This will have an immediate impact on not only those employed in the finance industry but on all other local business.

    So, my advice is instead of opposing the finance industry, I recommend that you look for alternative methods of improving people’s lives using the existing structure.

    Also, in order to make the island fairer, I recommend putting anti-corruption laws in place for people in government. Ideally punishing those caught of any corruption, with imprisonment and seizure of assets.

    I would also recommend that laws were put into place to punish any one in government who abuses their power. As, some people abuse their power to the extent of indirectly causing death to their victims. This should not be allowed.

    Otherwise. I wish you well.
    Good Luck.
    Justin James Roche

  23. Incidentally Mr. Wimberly.
    I was not the email hacker who was hacking local politicians emails.
    If you are looking for those who are, I would guess your best bet is to find them in the following areas:

    Local, National and International journalists. Including employees of local papers.
    Entertainment Industry Personal.
    Competing Politicians.
    Local IT Experts.
    Local Ruthless Businessmen.
    All such parties who have invested interest.
    Other Mavericks who simply want to cause trouble (ex-wives, bizarre political movements such as Neo Nazi’s/BNP etc.)

    Emails are no longer secure. With phone hacking and other technology hacking techniques. Almost nowhere is safe.
    If you wish to speak in private, now you have to turn off mobiles. Unplug land lines and computers and perhaps even TV’s.
    Or meet with people in private away from Technology.
    Mad as it all sounds, this is the present state of affairs.

  24. A way of combating the public from Hackers
    is to set up an ETHICAL HACKING unit within the police.
    This is necessary, as CYBER CRIME is presently RIFE and presently
    goes unpunished due to lack of laws and policing.
    If an Ethical Hacking unit was set up, it could be used to police the net.
    To catch the Hackers while in the act of committing crime.
    This is the FUTURE for a open web. If people want freedom, they must put into force methods of protecting the INNOCENTs from the WOLVES.

  25. Another are of cyber crime that you should be aware of:

    Data Interception (ISP)

    This is another form of hacking that some ISP’s have previously been guilty of. Is it possible for any Jersey Telecom employee to be guitly of this. How about Vodaphone? (see recent cases in National papers).

    In my experience of working for Vodaphone. In my opinion, several of the employee’s would use such devious illegal methods to harass people or to abstract information which they then could sell to the appropriate individual / company.

    Data Mining

    A method of digital reconnaissance which collects information / intel about their victim.

    Also, Even some of the police who have recently been given powers to investigate some individuals guilty of past serious sex crimes may be guilty of abusing their powers. If they do, how can you prove it, and if you do, would the Police do anything about it?

    Another area of the law that really needs to be addressed, is the laws on SLANDER. Although, not presently considered culturally taboo, I feel that at this point in time, where its acceptable to be a big fat hairy liar, the laws need to be enforced to protect innocent individuals, as if the slander is thick enough in a small place like Jersey, it can potentially cause death and indirect murder of the victim.

    I know, as I have been victimised by malicious parties for the past 8 years.
    The slander has been serious, and the effects on my reputation have been major, but by law, I am unable to do anything about it unless I am able to prove that the slanderers are big fat hairy liars, which is hard, for the sole reason that big fat hairy liars are exactly that, BIG FAT HAIRY LIARS.

    Anyway, some thoughts for the day.
    At least you are fighting for the side of righteousness.
    Good Luck to you Daniel.

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